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Industry Background

  • Provides educational, engaging and effective presentations at the Neuroscience, Cell Bio, Experimental Bio, and M&M trade shows and many university sponsored local shows.
  • Expertise in systems integration of microscopes and various software solutions.
  • Serves as Microscopy Imaging Instructor/ Industrial faculty at prestigious workshops including Analytical and Quantitative Light Microscopy in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, and Quantitative Fluorescence Microscopy at the Marine Biology Lab in Mt. Desert Island, Maine.
  • Plan, prepare, and conduct software training classes, webinars and support sessions.
  • Microscopy and Imaging Instructor~Merritt Community College; PCCD, Oakland, California
  • Lab Instructor with Merritt Microscopy Program. Instruct students in the use of microscopes and imaging software.
  • Over 20 years research and applications experience. We don't just know the imaging, we know the science behind it!

Microscopy Equipment

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Imaging and Analysis Software

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