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Valley Scientific

valley scientific Valley Scientific is a New York company that offers reagents optimized specifically for modern fluorescence imaging and integrated microscopy solutions.

Their main product is FluorGlo Antifade Mounting Media is a specially formulated fluorescence antifade mounting media. FluorGlo is an ideal premixed solution that improves photostability with fluorophores ranging from the ultraviolet to near infrared spectra. FluorGlo minimizes photobleaching for a multitude of dyes including, FITC, TRITC, Cyanine dyes, Alexa dyes, Dylite dyes and fluorescent proteins. Also a special formulation for use with Lipophilic dyes

In addition, a new product has been released; FluorCal Optical Calibration Slide. FluorCal triple labeled slides are designed for verifying homogeneity of any illumination system. The macro uniformity substrate combined with extreme photostability allows for consistent calibration and alignment. Ideal uses include aligning fluorescence microscope illumination sources, laser confocal microscopes, photolithography, laser pulse testing, laser delivery systems for optogenetics, nanotechnology and other imaging systems.

Future new products will be introduced to fix tissue with reduced autofluorescence as well as specialized tissue embedding reagents, low background adhesive slides, and additional specialized antifade mounting medias.

Special promotion! When you purchase a FluorCal optical calibration slide we will include with the shipment at no charge a free sample of our FluorGlo fluorescence antifade mounting media. Contact us for further details.

  • AntiFade - Helps preserve your sample
  • Premixed - Ready to use aqueous solution
  • Self Sealing - Forms its own seal, No nail-polish needed - save time and money!
  • Low cost - Only 2 cents per 22 x 22 cover glass
  • Refractive index 1.42 - Well matched for high numerical objectives
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Live Cell Instruments for Environmental Systems

Live Cell Instrument Inc. is an innovative Korean company that specializes in the development and manufacture of observation chambers and environmental control systems designed for live cell imaging. Their flagship product is the Chamlide? which is the fusion of a chamber and a slide, resulting in a very convenient and quality vessel for working with live cells. All Chamlide? chambers and incubator systems are patented or currently have patents pending. In addition, LCI has some innovative LED Light sources and tabletop anti-vibration platforms.
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  • Environment systems available to fit virtually any microscope stage
  • Incubators to fit almost any type of chamber/plate
  • Custom solutions readily available
  • Environmentally controlled perfusion solutions available
  • Specially designed to reduce evaporation and allow for optimal transmission
  • Designed to allow for high-resolution live cell imaging
  • Work with Chamlide chambers or commercially available culture-ware
  • Compact design
  • Software control of environmental variables