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observer The Zeiss Axio Observer the inverted research microscope from Carl Zeiss is a technical innovation moving science a step further. It has been developed for maximum flexibility in the Live Cell techniques of today and tomorrow and realized as a fully integrated research platform for cell observation, cell manipulation and cell analysis. It can be expanded cost-effectively from a basic stand for tissue culture and fluorescence, to one for high speed, laser scanning microscopy or microdissection. Axio Observer: what better way is there to meet the high demands of Life Science projects today?

Carl Zeiss has been continuously stretching the possibilities of its research optics to their very limits. With Axio Observer we are further strengthening our technological leadership position with new developments in contrasting methods, objectives and numerous innovative details. At the limits of visibility, these developments provide greater information content, better adjustment to versatile Live Cell applications, and even more convenient processes.

  • Axio Observer.A1 - The basic solution for manual operation
  • Axio Observer.D1 - Above standard: semi-motorized with a freely configurable keyring LCD display and light manager
  • Axio Observer.Z1 - Optimum convenience: fully motorized with two freely configurable keyrings, TFT display on the stand or in the docking station, light manager and contrast manager

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Riveal Contrast System

riveal The Riveal Contrast system is a unique microscope system that allows live cells to be observed in real time with unmatched resolution and contrast without the need for exogenous staining compounds. No chemicals mean more active, robust cells! Happy cells!!

Driven by powerful image capture and analysis software this technique provides structural information in a context not possible with current brightfield or fluorescence techniques.

  • Ideal for live cell imaging
  • Reduced photo-toxicity for extended observation times
  • Full color high resolution images with Optical resolution down to 100nm
  • Ideal for use in conjunction with fluorescence techniques

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The X-LIGHT Confocal Imager

x-light The The X-LIGHT Confocal Imageris a full-spectrum spinning disk confocal imager that attaches to most major models of inverted or upright fluorescence microscope. It is designed to utilize the latest imaging technologies and is ideal for live cell imaging in biological applications. The X-LIGHT Confocal Imager allows imaging at the extremes of performance of a current-generation scientific camera, and it provides for objectives used when imaging with a camera with a smaller detector. It takes advantage of laser launches and light engines. It omits features that previous confocal imagers required for older illumination techniques and eliminates the cost of those features. When those techniques are required, connection to the associated external devices is easy. The result is a flexible confocal add-on for existing microscopes that brings the latest commercialized technologies to microscopy. The X-LIGHT Confocal Imager is an extraordinary combination of capability and price.

  • LED and Laser high efficency coupling
  • Fast Spinning Disk (no Sync operation required) 10.000 rpm standard
  • Double size hole pattern on same disk 70 micron - 40 micron (to match microscope objective NA)
  • Easy slide-in filter mount ~ Emission filter wheel and Dichroic filter wheel
  • CCD focusing without moving the CCD itself. Focusing lens doublet with fixed CCD position

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