Microscopy Products

Riveal Contrast System

riveal The Riveal Contrast system is a unique microscope system that allows live cells to be observed in real time with unmatched resolution and contrast without the need for exogenous staining compounds. No chemicals mean more active, robust cells! Happy cells!!

Driven by powerful image capture and analysis software this technique provides structural information in a context not possible with current brightfield or fluorescence techniques.

  • Ideal for live cell imaging
  • Reduced photo-toxicity for extended observation times
  • Full color high resolution images with Optical resolution down to 100nm
  • Ideal for use in conjunction with fluorescence techniques

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X-Cite Fluorescence Illumination ~ In Control

xcitegroup X-Cite is a product family of illumination systems and measurement solutions designed especially for fluorescence microscopy. Whether you are observing fixed or live cells, X-Cite offers a complete range of lamp and LED products for fluorescence illumination to optimize imaging and ensure greater data reliability. The X-Cite products are known for maximum stability and superior illumination uniformity for fluorescence microscopy applications with our lamp-based solutions offering the convenience of pre-aligned, long-life lamps and easy installation. Our X-Cite XLED1 provides high-powered LED illumination at the specimen level, with unsurpassed control including an intelligent touch panel controller and advanced triggering capabilities to help you focus on your research.

"We found the new XLED1 light source to be extremely flexible in a multi-user environment, providing powerful excitation for all of our favourite fluorescent proteins."
— Holly Aaron, Molecular Imaging Center, UC, Berkeley

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Lumencor Light Engines

lumencor Lumencor Light Engines are comprised of multiple Solid State technologies, they are more than arc-lamp replacements. Lumencor's light engines replace the entire ensemble of sources, excitation filters, filter wheel, field diaphragm, aperture, shutter, and controllers with a simple , easy to operate unit. 15,000 hour lifetime ON-time.

"Lumencor has the best solid state lighting solution in the biotech market."
— Michael W. Davidson, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, The Florida State University

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PCO Edge sCMOS Camera

pco edge The PCO Edge Unlike previous generations of CMOS and CCD based cameras, sCMOS is uniquely capable of simultaneously offering: extremely low noise, rapid frame rates, wide dynamic range, high quantum efficiency (QE), high resolution, and a large field of view. Camware is provided for camera control, image acquisition and archiving of images in various file formats (WindowsXP and later). A free software development kit (SDK) including a dynamic link library, for user customization, integration on PC platforms is available. Drivers for popular third party software packages are also available. Available options include monochrome & color versions; cooled versions include water cooling and deep cooling.

  • Extremely low noise down to 1.1 e's @ 33 fps under rolling shutter mode for higher signal to noise ratio
  • Fast frame rates up to 100 fps @ full resolution for observing dynamic events
  • Wide dynamic range(27,000:1) to observe both bright and dark information in the same image
  • High quantum efficiency (>54%) for low light imaging applications
  • High resolution (5.5 Mpixels) to provide more details in the subject
  • Large field of view to cover wider sample area

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High End Solutions For High End Customers! Photometrics? customers are researchers who require statistical results, high-performance, and high-end integrated solutions. Photometrics is the thought leader in bio-imaging

the evolves The Evolves : Everything about the Evolve options are better than competitive offerings. We have added innovative features specifically targeted at our customers core needs. These cameras are designed to improve the quality of bio-imaging research ? truly the game-changers!
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QuantEM : Same Chip as the Evolve512. 16um pixels with a 512x512 array. Full resolution frame rate of 31.5 frames per second. Fantastic solution for very low light level fluorescence, live-cell applications, multi-probe experiments, spinning-disk applications, and quantitative FRET.
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Evolve? 512 Delta : Discover a new way to evolve your science with the fastest and most productive EMCCD camera available in the world. The Evolve 512 Delta empowers you with the potential to obtain research results in about half the time of previous 512 EMCCD cameras.


From compact and versatile CCD and EMCCD cameras to filters, accessories and micropublishers, QImaging is your one-stop shop for meeting all of your imaging needs. Buy with confidence because your purchase includes one of the best product warranty plans available in the industry.

the evolves Rolera BOLT : Available for a fraction of the cost, Scientific CMOS is finally achievable for everyone. Discover how this new scientific camera is achievable for every research facility, including yours!
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Rolera EM-C2 : the latest addition to its line-up of high-speed, high-sensitivity cameras. This camera is specifically designed to detect extremely low light levels at super-high frame rates with unparalleled spatial resolution.
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Software : QCapture Pro 7 provides state-of-the art imaging and analysis capability for acquiring, enhancing and analyzing images with simple to use live true color imaging and correction. It was designed for easy user interaction and offers quick access tools and guides to make digital imaging simple, quick and productive. QCapture Pro is a Windows-based application and supports 7 32-bit & 64-bit systems.

QImaging cameras are versatile and easy-to-use, giving scientists and researchers the performance they need for the best possible value.

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Valley Scientific

valley scientific Valley Scientific is a New York company that offers reagents optimized specifically for modern fluorescence imaging and integrated microscopy solutions.

Their main product is FluorGlo, a specially formulated fluorescence antifade mounting media. FluorGlo is an ideal premixed solution that improves photostability with fluorophores ranging from the ultraviolet to near infrared spectra. FluorGlo minimizes photobleaching for a multitude of dyes including, FITC, TRITC, Cyanine dyes, Alexa dyes, Dylite dyes and fluorescent proteins.

In addition, new products will be introduced to fix tissue with reduced autofluorescence as well as specialized tissue embedding reagents, low background adhesive slides, and additional specialized antifade mounting medias.

  • AntiFade - Helps preserve your sample
  • Premixed - Ready to use aqueous solution
  • Self Sealing - Forms its own seal, No nail-polish needed - save time and money!
  • Low cost - Only 2 cents per 22 x 22 cover glass
  • Refractive index 1.42 - Well matched for high numerical objectives

Live Cell Instruments for Environmental Systems

Live Cell Instrument Inc. is an innovative Korean company that specializes in the development and manufacture of observation chambers and environmental control systems designed for live cell imaging. Their flagship product is the Chamlide? which is the fusion of a chamber and a slide, resulting in a very convenient and quality vessel for working with live cells. All Chamlide? chambers and incubator systems are patented or currently have patents pending. In addition, LCI has some innovative LED Light sources and tabletop anti-vibration platforms.
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  • Environment systems available to fit virtually any microscope stage
  • Incubators to fit almost any type of chamber/plate
  • Custom solutions readily available
  • Environmentally controlled perfusion solutions available
  • Specially designed to reduce evaporation and allow for optimal transmission
  • Designed to allow for high-resolution live cell imaging
  • Work with Chamlide? chambers or commercially available culture-ware
  • Compact design
  • Software control of environmental variables